Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Computer Down..

Computer will be down for the next week or so. Just an update.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Monkey Around the Country FAQ

Q] What made you start Monkey Around the Country?
A] The original idea was to mail Monkey off to a bunch of friends and then have it come back home. The further Monkey went, the more people wanted it. I get a lof of Instant Messages saying "I want Monkey!".

Q] Why do I have to make a Donation?
A] Because it will guarantee you a spot in the queue. The default price for Donations is set to $3. There is no maximum price. I'm not selling the Monkey. Donations are made to reserve spots in the queue and that's it.

Q] How will I know when it's my turn to receive the Monkey?
A] You will be notified thru Email. Everyone that reserves a spot in the queue by making a Donation is required to email with their name and address.

Q] Can I keep Monkey?
A] Monkey is not for keeps. There is a 5 day limit that you can hold on to Monkey. After the 5 days, it's time to mail Monkey to the next person in the queue.

Q] How do I know who's next in the queue?
A] You will be notified by email with the next person's credentials.

Q] Does this Monkey have a name?
A] Yes. The Monkey's name is Monkey.

Q] Can I wash Monkey if it gets too dirty?
A] Sure! Make sure you wash Monkey on a delicate cycle and dry Monkey on a low heat setting. Handle with care!

Q] My Dog ate your Monkey. What do I do??
A] It's not good to joke around like that..

Q] What if I want to get the Monkey again?
A] You can make another Donation to have your name replaced in the queue.

Q] Where did you get this Monkey?
A] Old Navy

Q] Do you have any other Sock Animals?
A] A Sock Bunny I've had for about 5 years. It's currently at my Girlfriend's house.

Q] So why isn't there a "Bunny Around the Country?"
A] The Bunny doesn't look as cool as the Monkey. The Bunny is very bland and boring. The Monkey was designed better than the Bunny too! On top of that, my Girlfriend loves the thing.

Q] Do I have to ship Monkey in the same box it came to my House in?
A] Yes! That's a requirement! Stick your shipping label over the previous shipping label on the box.

Q] Why is Monkey traveling around in the same damn box?
A] Monkey told me it likes that box.

Q] What is this sheet of paper I found inside the box with all this scribble on it?
A] That is monkeys "GuestBook". Everyone who receives Monkey should sign it with a little message and then place it back in the box.

Q] I took some pictures of Monkey with my Digital Camera. Where do I send them?
A] You can email pictures you take of Monkey to:

Q] What can I do with Monkey?
A] Monkey likes to go out, take pictures, be held and played with.

Q] What can't I do with Monkey?
A] Vandalize, abuse, or douse it in any liquid.

The FAQ will be updated regularly. Check back for updates!

Blog updates..And stuff.

Our StormPay account is currently unverified. We are working on making it a verified Account. This should happen sometime next week..

A Disclaimer of some sort will be added to this Blog. I'm not sure which way to go with it, but it will cover matters that will go into effect if say someone tries to keep or vandalize Monkey. Remember, this is a trust system.

Depending on Monkey's demand, and donations received, there might be a Monkey Around the Country shop opening sometime in the future. The shop will sell things like T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, and other "cool" Monkey stuff. Stay tuned!

Finally, Monkey's gallery has been added. If you want to submit pictures you have taken of your experience with Monkey, email them to They will be added to the gallery shortly.

Once again, a small Donation places you in the queue. When it's your turn, Monkey will be shipped to you and you'll have 5 days to enjoy it's presence before mailing it off to the next person in the queue. Wanna donate? Click the Donation button to get started!

What is Monkey Around the Country?

Monkey Around the Country is a "Forwarding Program". Here's how it works:

You make a small Donation. With that Donation, your name will be placed in the queue [Waiting list] to receive Monkey. The reason we're accepting small Donations? That's the way we keep this project going. The more people in the queue, the more friends Monkey can make and the more smiles Monkey can put on people's faces.

When the person ahead of you has mailed Monkey to you, you will be notified by email along with a Tracking Number. This way Monkey doesn't get lost in the Mail.

There are a few things you should know:
- You will have to pay for Shipping when you mail Monkey off to it's next location.
- There is a 5 day limit. Monkey cannot be kept longer than 5 days! If you want to mail Monkey off to it's next location before your 5 days is up, you can do so.
- We require you to ship Monkey in the original Box that it came in. Don't throw it away! Place your shipping label over the previous shipping label.
- Sign Monkey's "Guestbook" that's included in the Box. If there aren't anymore spots to sign, and if your generous enough, sign a blank sheet of Paper and put it in the Box. The paper should be 8x11 lined paper. Wide or College Ruled.
- Monkey Around the Country is a trust system. We trust you won't do any harm to our Monkey, or try to keep it. Be nice to Monkey..

If you want to join the festivities, send a small Donation today! Remember: A Donation keeps this Monkey traveling..

Donations can be made by clicking the Donate button. Our Donation method of choice is StormPay. It's OK if you don't have a StormPay Account!